Justin is Everything
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    Forever & eternity.

    But is he still here really… :(

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  3. Justin Bieber News: Recovery's Lyrics


    First I’ll acknowledge
    All trust has been broken
    A successful recovery
    I pray for us at night

    Grants me with a second chance
    Never thought I’d see your face again
    Learning life through trial and error
    Just tryna make it right

    Make it right (x3)
    This time I’ll do you right

    Missing your good…

  4. i love Justin in his blue tour outift <3

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  5. The days before all the drama <3

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    When he looks at the camera it feels like his staring into eyes :3 
    I’m a sap I know

    That smile is everything

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  6. I love when we get shirtless photos :3 I remember how we’d always freak out so much, I guess we still do. But his smile is what makes me the happiest.

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